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Alcohol Treatment and Recovery

Alcohol Treatment and Recovery

Alcoholism takes over your life.
Enough is enough

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You can contact us at (877) 340-3602 or email us at info@alcoholrecoveryonline.com. To assist you further we offer a free online assessment. After you fill it out and submit it, one of our trained counselors will contact you.

The worst thing to do, of course, is nothing. Make the decision to turn your life around. Make the call.

Overcome Alcohol Abuse Starting Today
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Any information shared either on the phone or via e-mail with our counselors will not be redistributed to anyone for any purpose. The only exception would be to have information given to a drug or alcohol rehab program to have one of their counselors contact you. Your personal information will not be shared with any law enforcement or official agency of any kind and is held in strict confidence.


The owners/operators of this website are not liable for anything that happens with or occurs as a result of the user pursuing any particular treatment option. This website is merely for suggestion and referrals and is not to be mistaken as medical advice.

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