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Alcohol Treatment and Recovery

Alcohol Treatment and Recovery

Alcoholism takes over your life.
Enough is enough

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Alcohol Treatment and Recovery Success Stories

"I feel that I had a great win on this exercise. It is amazing to be present and comfortable in my environment. I have always hated reality and have felt very uncomfortable and unsafe in it until now. I find it rewarding to notice all the detail in my world. I never realized how the act of touch could bring me such an understanding of an object. It is one thing to see an object but to touch it gives me much more understanding and appreciation of the things in my world. It is almost as if the world around me has come alive. It is great to have a love for the world around me. It is also wonderful to feel that the world is safe to be learned from. I feel like I am experiencing and discovering the world around me for the first time."

I am so glad to have come to this place. I have been able to start a fresh life. I have lost several years to alcohol and now feel I have control over my life. I will be able to now begin the rest of my life. I have met a great group of people here that I will stay in contact with. I have no reservations in saying that you guys have saved my life


You know, I have decided that I am very successful and very talented and I am awesome and now that I am sober I can do anything that I put my mind to and have anything that I want. I have total control over myself and the sky is the limit for me now and I no longer want to party or go fast!


Overcome Alcohol Abuse Starting Today
Real Help is Available at (877) 340-3602

I came here in a rather terrible condition. I felt as though I would never recover hope. I thought myself a lost cause. I had spiraled out so far I had no idea who I was anymore and why my life had gone to pieces. I Ö felt distant and empty when I looked inside.

I didnít realize it at the time but [the sauna program] gave me a body that operated at full speed again. My mind became clear as it had not been for ages.

I have never quite met a challenge such as this. I was opening my heart and changing my perception in a way that could only be called amazing. I learned so much about myself from doing the simplest exercises. All of a sudden I was on top of the world again. I was opening my mind to a way of thinking that I had allowed myself to believe that I would never achieve. I became in touch with my senses and started to feel the world around me for what seemed like the first time.

Then continued to courses which filled in the gaps my life had. I now know I am in full control of my life and capable of existing on this planet as a whole being.

I am forever grateful to the staff for guiding me through the darkest parts of my life and never once discouraging me. I have faced my inner demons, shed my addiction and completely rebuilt my entire self. I can feel again, see clearly again, love again. I have miraculously saved my life. I hadnít realized it until now, but, Iím back! This program saved my life. Iím free. No more addiction. I canít believe how far you guys have helped me travel, how strong youíve taught me I could become. I love each and every person that has been there for me along the way.

Iím finally free, I love you,


It was not my intention to come to here. I was happy in my own miserable drug addiction. I knew my life had shrunk to exclude everything except what existed inside my own house. I knew deep down I would end up dead or in rehab. But I had no ability to help myself [so] my family intervened.

I was not happy. I thought one month was enough to give to this program. So I thought ďJust get through the sauna,Ē but a curious thing happened to me. The sauna program began to clear my mind and body! The course books and staff started making sense. As the drug cloud lifted more clearly I saw the logic and sense of what was being offered and I grabbed it wholeheartedly.

The sauna program cleaned out my body. I felt alive and free. My body responded to exercise and aches and pains vanished. My eyesight improved. My mind thought clearly again.

I learned how to be there comfortably, and how to confront and handle my emotions.

I can go home in charge of my life and future. No more hiding. I am the man my wife married. I am a person to be reckoned with. I am free of alcohol and drugs and am happy to let the world know it. I hope to educate people at home about the program and give them hope for others with damaged lives.

Most of all, this program has helped me. My life is saved but it's even better, all the lives I touch will be better off because I am better. This program helps more than the individual Ė it helps heal everyone around that person.

I returned home with all the tools I need to cope and succeed in life. I am a very lucky man. I got everything back, including parts of me I didnít even know Iíd lost.

It worked for me!

I love you all,


I had pictures [in my mind] of my childhood to when I was a adult. It was like picture reels of movies that had missing sections that have been put back in and played over to me in my head. Some were good and some were bad but most were good, but it all did a lot for me because this means my mind is clean of all the drugs and alcohol. I feel great and life is fun again. I looked in the mirror and saw my face and noticed a few new wrinkles; the ones I didnít have for a long time. They were wrinkles from smiling :) a lot. It feels great feeling this way again.


Overcome Alcohol Abuse Starting Today
Real Help is Available at (877) 340-3602

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